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Signs your home need new rain gutters

March 18, 2019
Rain Gutter's Blog

Rain gutters are a very small part of your home exterior but they have an important role, they are your home water discharge system.

What are the needed parts of a gutters system ?

Gutters system include 2 main parts, Rain gutters and downspouts. 

Gutter and Downspout location's.

Rain gutter- horizontal pieces installed along your home eaves and attach to your fascia board.

Downspout -  vertical pipe connected to the rain gutter horizontal part, usually installed at corners(from aesthetic reasons). Downspouts carry rainwater to the ground level. It is installed along the exterior wall and have a connector that direct the water outward the house.

There are few signs that will point out gutter system failure.

Sign #1 - Cracks gutters 

Small cracks at the gutters isn't only an inconvenience matter, it will also damage the fascia board behind it , the shingle above it and the foundation below it.

Sign #2 - Sagging gutters

Sagging gutters it's an obvious sign for improper gutter system or blockage. When the gutter system drains properly, your gutter will never sag or pull away from your house. If your gutters are sagging it's probably time to replace them.

Sign #3 - Water damage around the foundation 

Rain gutters design to keep water away from your foundation. Therefore, appearance of mold or mildew around your foundation is an indication that your gutter system is not working properly.

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